Leadership Development

At West End Partners, we create leadership development solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We understand that factors such as size, growth-state, organizational structure and leadership style are variables that make your company unique. These considerations play into how we design and deliver programs to meet the development needs of your leaders and managers.


Three principles guide how we customize our engagements:


  • Align to Business Objectives  
    We work with stakeholders at the onset to ensure our solutions align with your organization’s specific business objectives and strategies.


  • Integrate Individual and Peer Learning  
    We blend individual and peer learning to provide each person with the connections and support needed to develop new competencies, and to expand the use of the competencies within the organization.


  • Sustain the Results 
    We incorporate multiple touch points in every initiative so new competencies and shifts in behavior are applied, reinforced and strengthened over time.


Whatever your leadership situation or need, we can partner with you to implement leadership and coaching solutions that will set your people and organization up for long-term success.

Executive Coaching

We deliver executive coaching services, at scale, to help enhance the effectiveness of your leaders and managers. Coaching is a powerful process for individual development that can help executives work through specific situational needs, reinforce learning from broader leadership development programs, and support leadership and team effectiveness. From the onset, our coaching solutions help our clients reach individual goals in support of broader organizational objectives.  


Three principles guide how we offer coaching: 


  • Quality of our Coaches
    All of our coaches are certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and are graduates from a small set of selective programs so our coaches share and apply common principles and frameworks. For organizations investing in coaching for numerous executives, this ensures that their people will all experience the same high standards for their coaching engagement. 


  • Fit with the Coach
    Personal chemistry between coach and client sets the foundation for an effective coaching relationship. Clients need the opportunity to speak with more than one potential coach. We will always offer several coaches, based on the specifics of the engagement, for each client to consider in order to find the right fit.


  • Support beyond the Coach
    Coaching provides the opportunity for an executive to delve into his/her individual development needs and interests, but it should not happen in a vacuum. The individual development that results from coaching is more sustainable if the client can share the experience with and enlist support from trusted peers, colleagues or direct reports to help reinforce learnings and maintain shifts in behavior. We encourage these connections for individual coaching clients and design them into our solutions when possible. This approach ensures that a coaching client knows they are “not in it alone” and supports more effective leadership behaviors on the job.


For any of your coaching needs, we have the capacity to serve all levels of your organization and all locations.